Polo BCS Cup

After an eight year relationship it was apt that this season Polo BCS of Japan held a polo cup at the club. Polo BCS has helped to introduce polo to the Japanese audience and has a close friendship with Ham Polo Club.

Japanese Hachinohe Kibadakyu Display


After the first match the Sunday sponsors Polo BCS put on a display of Hachinohe Kibadakyu. This ancient sport is one of the Japanese traditional martial arts, which started in the Edo period in Japan. It is said that its origin is the same as that of polo. It’s primitive form originated in ancient Persia, and was introduced to Japan by way of Tang (ancient China) through the Silk Road.


Rules of Kibadakyu

There are two teams. Each team consists of four samurais and their ponies. They use 4 balls (Mari) and mallets (Giccho). As for victory or defeat, the team which first gets 4 points wins the match.