Dubai Trophy Final


This year's Dubai Trophy Final was played on Friday Evening. Healthcare International played Jet Set. Katharine Smithwick's Jet Set had HPC polo manager William Healy, stable manager Juan Cruz Araya-Martelli alongside his brother Santiago Araya. Shane Younger fielded a familiar team of players with Fede Boudou backed up by Mathew Lodder and Charlie Tighe.


With a high handicap being fielded the game did not disappoint. Jet Set took the initiative building a lead and capitalising on their opportunities. Healthcare International for some reason did not have luck on their side and although they produced some fantastic end to end play they were unlucky with several close misses. In the final chukka Jet Set looked to protect their lead with Healthcare International closing in. Unfortunately for Healthcare International they were still short of Jet Set's scoreline at the final bell. The silverware went to Jet Set with a well earned win for their team in HPC's highest handicap tournament.