May- September Ham Polo Club has a number of HPA qualified coaches and a range of trained school ponies for novices to learn on.

October - March We offer Winter polo lessons at our partner arena polo clubs with our Head Coach, please contact; at Ham, we do offer the opportunity to learn to ride in advance of learning how to play polo in the Winter Season

Read all about the experience here and here

Polo Academy for Under 17s

The Junior Academy (JA) introduces children aged 8-16 to polo with the aim of becoming adult players at Ham, the JA also offers the opportunity for parents and guardians to become involved through Social Membership. There is a range of experienced ponies and DBS checked, experienced instructors available and children have the opportunity to learn how to play polo, umpire, become a goal judge and how to play in matches.

To be involved in the JA, a child will need to be able to ride and hit the hall sufficiently well; lessons for this purpose are available. HPA membership is compulsory.

Saturdays (weather permitting) 45mins-1 hour

  • Stick & Ball warm-up; each member receives individual instruction

  • Instructional chukka using the Stick & Ball field or Pitch 2

  • Occasional rules & tactics sessions

Monthly Sunday Chukka during the match schedule

The Junior Academy runs from May to September.

Learn to Ride for Under 18s

Our stables offers the opportunity for children to learn to ride in advance of playing polo; all year around