There has been a little confusion over the Social Member Guest Allowances and therefore we would like to clarify the following:

The current rule book states that “Bona fide Members may introduce up to six day guests to the Club on any one day on payment of the fee of the day as set by the General Committee”- this rule is not new, it has been as such for many years. We cannot comment on why guests have not been consistently paying the appropriate fees stated in the rule book historically.

Last year, the fees for the Clubhouse were £5 on the main gate and £5 for the Clubhouse- a total of £10. The Club had not been addressing its VAT commitments appropriately until this year and also was absorbing the payment fees, neither of which, is sustainable to secure the future of the Club.

Therefore for clarity: 2018 £10, aim to increase by £2 (first increase for some years), plus VAT = £14.40 plus associated payment fees £1.00 = £15.40 therefore £16 was concluded giving the Club an extra £2.60 per person for 2019. This increase was not viewed as excessive in light of the number of years without increase and the need for the Club to be tax compliant.

We trust that this clarifies matters.