Equine Flu- Will Healy

As you are probably aware, there has been an outbreak of equine influenza in the racing world in recent days. We have been careful to ensure that all horses at Ham are fully up-to-date with their vaccinations . I have been advised by the club vets that there have been no outbreaks in our area, the affected horses being in the north of the country. As our horses are currently turned out at pasture in individual herds with no introductions of new horses, the risk of exposure to the virus will be minimal . We will keep you updated but please rest assured that we will continue to adhere to our strict vaccination policy in order to keep this highly infectious disease at bay.

Polo Sponsorship Opportunities from £1,500

Welcome to Ham Polo Club 2019; we are very excited about the new Season and welcoming our members and visitors for fabulous Spring and Summer on the polofield.  As well as our packed programme of Sundays, we are welcoming many of our corporate partners back for 2019 and we have 7 exciting Friday night polo parties to enjoy. Friday Night Polo is free to our members for 2019. Memberships from £340 for over 30 days of polo and entertainment.

Work Experience at Ham Polo Club


We are looking for two work experience team members to join us between March and September; you can join us at any time so long as it is before the end of June.

- Experience will include: event coordination, membership coordination, polo, social event planning, club administrative methodology, social media management, data management. 

Tuesday to Fridays 9am-5pm
Sundays 10-5pm.

CVs can be sent to me at fj@hampoloclub.com